Coronavirus pandemic has shaken up the world making people a little more careful about hygiene and infections. However, did you know that the post-COVID-19 era is going to have a very strong impact on our lifestyle and that may, in turn, affect our bodies? While all this may seem temporary but there are certain changes that we have to bring into our lives to adapt to this new lifestyle. The 'new normal' may be giving you vaginal health issues. The change in the way you deal with your daily life by staying at home and even work for hours may impact your vagina big time. Let's discuss the possibilities.

Clothes: While you may be wearing home clothes all day long, many don't change their shorts or PJs very often when they're at home. No wearing fresh lowers may mess with your vaginal pH, even give you vaginal yeast. People who are trying to stay active more these days, may also ignore changing clothes and the bacteria may impact your vaginal health.

Alcohol: There is seen a rise in alcohol consumption at home during the lockdown, now that pubs and clubs are shut. Things that people would do once a month or week, is being done almost every day. The high sugar content, apart from giving you weight problems may also cause vaginal thrush.

Sex: There are people who are either having too much sex or just no sex at all. Both cases may impact your vaginal ecosystem. If you are not having sex you can masturbate or if you're having too much sex, you might want to slow down to protect yourself from the risk of intimate infections and unwanted pregnancies.

Excessive Hygiene: Some people are getting paranoid about cleaning themselves amid coronavirus and it includes washing/douching their vaginas. However, excessive cleaning is also said to harm your vaginal health. Your vagina has a self-cleaning system and it doesn't require fragrant, foaming products to be cleaned. They mess with the ecosystem down there, putting you at the risk of dryness and infections.

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