CBO of OPM, Daniel Morales is carving the way for entrepreneurs teaching them what it truly means to be a full-financial service company at the highest level. OPM Mastery is a community-driven personal finance company that provides solutions to the problem of having bad credit or the inability to acquire affordable funding; these programs empower and teach people to leverage credit to achieve their financial goals.

Daniel Morales is also the CEO and Founder of Timeless Legacy, a life insurance brokerage based in Las Vegas, NV, has been operating his agency for 3 years now with 35 licensed agents. Morales is working tirelessly to help families protect their income and futures, the brokerage represents over 25 fortune 500 top-rated insurance companies, always staying true to putting people before profit, going above and beyond to create a lifelong partnership and bond.

Since its inception, executives at OPM, along with Daniel Morales have helped over 300+ clients clean up and rebuild their credit from the ground up, in addition to helping some acquire 3+ million dollars in funding at 0% interest rates to help scale and build out business ventures. In combination the services that Daniel and his team provide truly create an inclusive environment and trust factor between clients and the agency, making it so they never need to turn elsewhere when it comes to their financial service needs. Timeless Legacy — with the help of his team, has issued over 60 million dollars in life insurance coverage to families across the country, as well as securing countless retirement funds from losses their clients have incurred.

On A Mission To Change The Game

Daniel Morales aims to impact thousands of families in their pursuit to improve their overall financial health and growing wealth through credit education, building their businesses, in addition to simply retaining the wealth they already have and growing that in intelligent ways.

Interviewing Mr. Morales, we asked, “How did your career begin? What do you think sets you apart from your competition?” He replied, “My career in the financial industry started after I left Rolex and sold my first clothing company. I realized that making good money wasn’t enough, we have to understand money and are destined to fail if we don’t.”

We talked a little bit about the clientele Daniel and his agency tend to cater to the most, and why? He said, “We help individuals scale or start a business with funding, as well as help everyday families and Real Estate brokers help their clients go from renters to owners. In insurance, we focus on the 90% of America instead of just the top 10% of the wealthy. Does this mean we can’t aid wealthy clients? No, but it does mean we’re focused on serving the American people that truly need financial education the most.”

Personal branding is everything. How a company builds social proof to create a pre-determined notion is how you build trust before the initial conversation. Daniel believes in a more personal approach and makes sure every client is greeted by and talks with a live agent at all times, no bots, he says, “I believe it has to do without team how transparent and direct we are, we also tend to work one on one with our clients not just have them talk to bots.” Setting him apart from his competition that automates tasks regularly instead of building a bond.

No entrepreneur will tell you it was easy, we asked “How did you build your career to where it is today? What have you learned since it all began that you think is most important for people to know about the brand, you, or the business in its initial stages?” Daniel says, “It was no walk in the park, the most impactful thing I learned was as long as you focus on serving people you are constantly rewarded, meaning we rather help a million people and get paid less for each person than try and only have fewer clients that pay more.”

The past year has changed everything for how businesses and humanity as a whole function, “Do you believe 2020 has changed the trajectory of your business moving forward? We asked Daniel.” He says, “2020 only uncovered what we already knew, that our team is in alignment in serving our clients and are extremely adaptable to any situation that life throws at us.”