Durga Puja 2018: Simple Steps to Wear the Iconic Bengali-Style Saree in 2 Minutes (Watch Video)
How to drape Bengali-style saree (Photo Credit: YouTube.com)

Pujo is here! Navaratri, Vijay Dashmi, Dusshehra celebrated in the same time period across the globe, takes the country in a festive spree. Bengalis celebrate Navaratri as Durga Puja/ pujo in a very special was. The foodies that they are, they, unlike the north-Indians abstaining from non-veg, binge guilt-free on amazing delicacies. Also, the beautiful artistic pandals and decorations are a treat to sore eyes. The Bengali pujo is a delight to watch and experience, and its popularity is not just limited to India but across the world. Even in terms of fashion and beauty, Bengalis go out of their way during pujo to dress their best. No wonders the Bengali style of wearing a saree is loved all across the world! Try These Five Types of Bengali Sarees That Are Must-Have in Your Wardrobes. 

While Indians have a variety of different ways of wearing a sari, the Bengali way of draping a saree really stands out. Although, looks complicated it isn't a tough task to wear the Bengali style sari.

Here Are Easy Steps to Wear a Bengali-Style Saree-

Step 1: Once you wear and tighten the string of the petticoat or the shaping dress, start by beginning to tuck the saree along your waist and complete a whole circle, so if you begin tucking from the right continue tucking the saree till it makes a full circle.

Step 2: Now take the inner end of the saree and make broad pleats using both your hands. Make sure your pleats are broader than the ones you see in the normal saree. After making 2-3 pleats depending on how long your saree is, level the pleats well.

Step 3: Once you adjust the pleats and have checked that all the pleats are of the same breadth, tuck the pleats near your navel. Make sure that the length of the of the saree is at the same level. Flatten the tuck and make it look neat.

Step 4: Not hold the pallu of the saree and pleat the pallu as well, make the pleats smaller than the one around the navel. Take the neat placement of pleats carefully and place it on your left shoulder. You may even pin it if you wish.

Step 5: Now once your pallu is safely secure take one corner of the pallu and tie a tassel/trinket or simply your bunch of keys to it. If nothing, you can simply tie a knot to that end.

Step 6: Now bring the corner to the front of your right side, under your right arm and place it on your left shoulder from the front.

This Video Will Show You How to Drape a Bengali Saree Quickly-

A few tricks and tips are of great help. You must keep a bunch of safety pins as they come in handy. If you are struggling to keep the pleats in place, just pin all the pleats secure with a pin from the inside.