International Women’s Day is upon us. The world is gearing up to commemorate Women’s Day 2020 on March 8 and the celebration is bound to be an eventful affair. From international conferences and discussions to local get-togethers, Women’s Day is celebrated in different ways across the world. Our social media is filled with inspiring stories of women in all walks of life, Women’s Day special greetings and gifts flood our local stores and of course, most of us prepare to celebrate this day with our own wishes. Sending Happy International Women’s Day 2020 wishes and messages, Women’s Day Special WhatsApp Stickers, Facebook Status Pictures, Hike Stickers to our friends and family have become an integral tradition year on year. International Women's Day 2020: Beyonce's Run the World to Demi Lovato's Confident - 6 Songs That  Are Girl Power Anthems (Watch Videos)

International Women’s Day stands as a reminder to people on the history, journey and course that the struggle of equality aka feminism has been through. This day honours all the millions of women who have dedicated their lives to bridge the very wide gap between the opportunities, rights, ways and means that are offered to people of different genders and also celebrates the achievements that have made to date. Every year, this day is celebrated and promoted internationally by social bodies as well as the United Nations to open conversations on the road to equality. In fact, the United Nations also sets a dedicated theme year on year that marks this celebration. The theme for International Women’s Day 2020 is #EachForEqual. International Women's Day 2020: 'Who Started Women's Day?', 'What is the Colour And Theme for Women's Day?' Your Questions Answered.

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International Women's Day WhatsApp Message Reads: Today We Celebrate the Most Amazing Thing God Has Every Created. You Know What They Say: This Is the Man’s World, but It Would Be Nothing Without a Woman or a Girl. Let’s Not Forget About That. Happy Women’s Day!

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International Women's Day Facebook Greetings: Spring and Women Have Much in Common. They Both Are About Flowering, Revival, Inspiration and Beauty. Wish You to Stay Young, Fresh and Feminine 24/7. Happy International Women’s Day!

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International Women's Day WhatsApp Message Reads: Woman Can Be Powerful Without Being Aggressive. Isn’t It Amazing? May the Marvelous Feminine Energy Cover Our World With Its Warmth and Greatness. Happy Women’s Day to All of Us!

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International Women's Day Facebook Greetings: May Each and Every Moment of Your Day Be Filled With Happiness. Happy Women’s Day!

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Women's Day Wishes (Photo Credits: File Photo)International Women's Day WhatsApp Message Reads: May Your Day Be Filled With Happiness, Sweet Smiles and Warm Hugs. Happy Women’s Day!

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As WhatsApp is widely used as a social media platform, people use the medium to send wishes and greetings. You can download Women's Day 2020 WhatsApp Stickers from here and send it your near and dear ones. We wish all women a Happy Women's Day and hope you have a great day ahead!

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