We don’t know how much trick or treating will happen this year. Thanks to the pandemic, most families may not follow the Halloween tradition, while those who would do, will keep safety and precautionary measures in mind. It turns out, we can still safely celebrate the ghoulish season, while some traditions may have been modified. So, what’s up with the treats? Forget about serving plain brownies and putting out bowls of hard candy. Make Halloween 2020 even more memorable with some delicious treats that are easy to bake with kids. Give them the spookiest appearance and add some sweets and flavours to enjoy some Halloween-themed baking session with your toddlers. In this article, we also bring you Halloween 2020 treats recipe videos to help you get started. Halloween 2020 Rare Blue Moon: Know More about the Mysterious October 31st Moon That Only Happens Every 19 Years Making Hallows’ Eve Spooky!

1. Mummy Cupcakes

Mummy cupcakes are completely adorable, and you can decorate an entire  batch in a very short time. To give your cupcakes a scary appearance, all you do is by simply piping white frosting in the uneven lines on the top of each cupcake and then decorating with two candy eyes. The kids will love while baking this and enjoying the treats during the festival.

2. Oreo Eyeballs

The Oreo cookie eyeballs Halloween treats are not too spooky, but just spooky enough to excite the kids. It is so simple to make. Just grab a package of Oreo cookies, some gummy lifesavers, some chocolate chips and some red melting chocolates. In minutes, you will have a scary-looking Halloween treat ready. Kylie Jenner and Daughter Stormi Are Ready for Halloween 2020! Adorable Video of Mother-Daughter Early Baking Holiday-Themed Cookies Is Stealing Hearts. 

3. Oreo Spiders Cookies

If Oreo Eyeballs wasn’t enough, brace yourselves for some Oreo spider cookies. This is perfect for serving at a Halloween party. But most importantly, the sandwich cookie spiders are incredibly easy to make with just a few simple ingredients, and they are surely a hit to make with children.

4. Witches' Hats

The chocolate witches’ hats only require three ingredients and are a snap to make. They are easy enough for your kids to make them, with just your little monitoring. Watch the video above to follow the step-by-step guidance and bake this delicious treats with your kids.

Aren’t they so easy? If you are aiming to get your kids into the kitchen, these fun Halloween 2020 recipes are great, to begin with. Not only are they delicious, but they are so simple to make. Your kids can lend a hand and whip them alongside you. Happy Halloween!

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