From Losing Weight to Saving Money, 5 Stupidest New Year's Resolutions We All Keep and Fail Miserably
Stupid New Year Resolutions (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Are you ready for 2020? If not, let us remind you, the new year begins in exactly four days! Sorry, we do not want to scare you but just remind you that its time to make New year resolutions. Each passing year, we look back at the year gone by, what you learnt and what you want to change about in the next one. So to make it sound fancy or like a 'to-do' list we coin them under New Year's Resolutions. But then year after year, most of us have failed to abide by them and hoped to follow them in the next year. Which is what makes the very common resolutions as the stupidest ones. Eco-Friendly New Year 2020 Resolutions: Spare a Thought for The Planet by Making These Lifestyle Changes in Your Daily Routine!

Lose Weight

Really? All that month-long (or week) cutting back on junk food so that you can get yourself in shape? Well, curvy is a shape and type one needs to accept. So don't stress yourself on gaining weight. Gain self-confidence instead. New Year 2020 Fitness Resolution: 5 Cliché Excuses You Need to Stop Making if You Want a Healthier Lifestyle.

Save Money

If you cry and laugh at the same time, every time you look at your bank balance, this yes you need this resolution. But have you been able to resist your shopping and eating habits? Its time we need piggy banks again rather than internet banking.

Travel More

I haven't met a person in life who would say no to travel (unless of course, you are a tour guide). The world is so beautiful that travel will forever be on your list, but how much of it can you cover, with the added responsibilities in your everyday life. Stop stressing under the ardent need to travel.

Maintain Work-Life Balance

We wake up for work, feel sleepy at work and get back home to not feel sleepy anymore. Most of us are caught in the same grind, with less time for family and more work pressure. But to be honest, is it possible to have a sane balance between work and life? Like yes, we all can try to keep it and some may even achieve it. To those who are struggling, good luck!

Less Smoking and Drinking

Who are you kidding? The combination of tobacco and alcohol is not good for health we all know, but how many times have we stopped ourselves from taking another puff or having another drink? It has become our way of relaxation and respite.

These are some of the most clichéd resolutions which people have kept over the years and eventually failed to follow. We really do not mean to demotivate you, some of you can really win the year 2020 and achieve all your resolutions. Good luck to that and may you have a great year ahead! Just try and refrain from making the clichéd promises.