Did you know an average internet user has at least seven social media accounts? Five years ago, there were only 3. Social media is used every day by many of us. As a means of customer service, social media is now highly preferred. So if you want your business to flourish online, you better have someone well experienced and highly skilled in your team. Hailing from Italy, Gianni Senesi is a lifestyle entrepreneur, e-commerce expert, digital marketing guru, online PR connoisseur, sales catalyst, and a trustworthy online consultant. Talking about lifestyle entrepreneurs, they are individuals who create businesses for the sake of changing their lifestyle rather than merely making money. Entrepreneurs like Gianni usually start businesses because they are passionate about them and believe that humanity will benefit from their business at some point. An entrepreneur can probably create a successful business if he is passionate about it. But for a lifestyle entrepreneur, this success is not the result of focusing on obtaining profits. It is all about their vision for them. They see success through that lens.

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

There have been many entrepreneurs in history who are now called lifestyle entrepreneurs. Gianni is the most prominent example. It would not be wrong to regard him as the beacon of inspiration for the youth out there since he is also in his twenties. Early days entrepreneurs first coined this term as they were aware of the potential of e-commerce and digital marketing for creating streamlined businesses. The idea hit Gianni early on. Back in the days when Facebook was being newly launched and promoted among the masses, Gianni was there in the online digital marketing realm, catering to the needs of his clients. He was one of the first ones who noticed the potential of Facebook as a digital marketing platform.

Gianni’s Ideology

According to Gianni, creating a business based on something you love and are passionate about could qualify you as a lifestyle entrepreneur. He further says that it is a good choice for someone who wants to have a lifestyle that does not rely solely on making money.

The Portfolio

Consult Gianni for the online growth of your business. He even manages and maintains online PR for many of his clients. In addition to digital marketing, Gianni carried on the legacy of excellence he established in e-commerce consulting. His experience includes working for several multinational companies. As an e-commerce specialist, he has a good reputation in the market. He has all these traits that make him an ideal serial entrepreneur. 

Who to Contact?

Are you having a hard time integrating digital marketing into your overall business strategy? Is your growth being hampered as a result? Well, Gianni can help you out with his unique and results-oriented approach. Online marketing used to be just a new, unique way to market. The new medium opened up new possibilities for reaching customers. However, digital marketing has assumed an entirely new level of importance in the past few years. It has become a vital component of any brand. Nowadays, it is not enough to have a website or run unfocused advertising campaigns. 

Always There!

Gianni is always there with his clients, guiding them about the new social media trends and digital marketing hacks. Our lives are becoming more and more connected to the Internet, making digital marketing more essential than ever. Social media marketing is not that straightforward nowadays. In addition to school, work, entertainment, and socializing, people use social media in every aspect of their lives. People are using social media more than ever before. However, do they buy anything there? Well, social media users say they sometimes use it to purchase the advertised products. People interact with branded content about 37% of the time they spend on social media. In 57% of cases, millennials see more relevant ads thanks to social media. Nearly 48% of the audience claim that their last online purchase was from a Facebook advertisement. These estimates are recent, making the importance of a knowledgeable social media marketing expert, like Gianni, more pressing for any business owner or celebrity.

Affordable and Reliable

By making your advertising more affordable, Gianni empowers your company to compete in the market. Business owners can control where and how their money goes due to the effective implementation of this process. You automatically make better decisions when you have this kind of control.

Ranking Your Business

The millions of dollars that the big names spend on marketing and reputation management makes it difficult to compete with their name recognition. It is where Gianni helps his clients beat the competition. Marketing online, if done wisely, can be a great source of hope for small business owners. Many small companies have achieved top rankings with Gianni. Many of his clients have benefited from his services and ranked their businesses on different search engines and sites, expanding their existing clientele.