Cell Phone Giving You Acne? 5 Unexpectedly Germy Everyday Objects That Are Damaging Your Skin

Not having a proper skincare routine and soaking in the sun without an SPF for too long are obvious ways to damage your skin but there are also less obvious things that can break out and dry out your skin. These are the items you use daily that could be doing severe damage to your skin and they are also the ones you would never guess. Wondering what the items are? Here is a low down on the unexpectedly germy everyday objects.

1 Your Phone

Your phone is not only that one object you regularly press to your face but it is also that object you never wash. So obviously, is covered with nasty bacteria. But turns out that your phone contains more bacteria than that certain surfaces in the bathroom. If this fact is not convincing enough to start using headphones, maybe you should consider carrying some screen-cleaning wipes. Skincare Tips: Know How to Take Care and Maintain Healthy Skin in Polluted Air.

2 The Pillowcase

After a long day, you die to hit the sack to rest and recharge. Sure you will wake up feeling refreshed in the morning, but you could also notice a breakout or two. Your dead cells and oils on your pillowcase can be responsible for giving you that acne. You can prevent the damage by washing your face before bad and tossing it in the washing machine at least twice a week.

3 Your Shades

Another culprit in the category of germy things is your sunglasses. Those glasses sitting a lot of time in your purse and then your forehead and top of your nose is the perfect recipe from blackheads and pimples. So the next time you are washing your hands, remember giving your glasses a rinse too. Mint Leaf Beauty Benefits: From Acne to Ageing, 5 Skin Problems Pudina Can Help You Fight.

4 Your Helmet

If you ride a bike, the same piece protecting your head can damage your skin. The constant rubbing of the strap of the helmet can cause acne. So make sure that your helmet fits well and you put for a wash at least once in a fortnight.

5 Dirty Towels

Towels are great for drying your skin but they too can be a breeding ground for bacteria if you are not washing them every alternate day. Don’t be surprised to notice zits on your back after a rejuvenating bath session as your towel could be doing more damage than you thought.

Most of these are unexpectedly germy things that you touch every day but you can always prevent the skin damage by maintaining proper hygiene.