As COVID-19 sweeps across the world, countries are compelled to take vigorous actions to stop the spread of the virus. Governments have ordered lockdowns and self-quarantine to keep the citizens indoors. It is a critical intervention to curb the effects of the coronavirus in our community. As India too goes on a 21-day lockdown, here's all you need to know about sheltering in place and what you can and cannot do. Take a diary and make note!

What is 'Sheltering in Place'?

Shelter in place essentially means that the maximum number of people self-isolate in their residences to the maximum extent possible, while enabling essential services to continue to slow down the spread of the virus. So, it requires you to stay home unless you want to perform crucial activities like buying groceries, essential travel or medical emergency. Necessary travel is any movement related to essential business or activity. However, you must maintain a six-feet distance from any other person when you step out. New York Considering Stay-at-home Order.

Can You Go Out for a Walk While You Shelter in Place?

All travel is prohibited, including walking or cycling, taking the car, bike or motorcycle on the road, or even using public transit unless it is urgent. Anyone with a job is not considered essential and should work from home. Coronavirus Baby Boom: Condom Shortage During the COVID-19 Social Distancing May Cause a Baby Boom in Future.

Can the Elderly Step Out for Essential Activities?

Older adults, minors or those with disabilities should not step out at all during these trying times. The government also asked the immunocompromised people and those with underlying health conditions from stepping out. Coronavirus Outbreak: What Does it Mean to 'Shelter in Place' Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic? 

Essential businesses including health care facilities, grocery stores and other food markets, media services and banks, can step out with caution for their daily activities. The only thing that can help us sail through this is to accept the fact that we live in a hazardous environment.

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