SHOCKING! Fang Grows Inside Baby’s Mouth Overnight, Leaving Doctors Confused (See Pics)
Baby grows fang tooth overnight. (Photo Credits: Facebook/ Tara O byrne)

Fangtooth- not the fish we are talking here is a type of teeth that are sharp and pointed, also called canines. Usually, people associate it with a vampire or a Dracula. The sharp and pointed tooth the Vampires and Dracula that they are shown having. Some people around the world have a weird fetish with, and some even go ahead and get their teeth shaped as fangs. However, in a recent incident, a newborn baby was born in Country Louth, Ireland, developed a fangtooth in the most unusual and bizarre fashion. In a Rare Genetic Syndrome, an 11-Year-Old Girl Got Most of Her Genes from Father & Almost None from Mother. 

This incident has left even the doctors in shock. The newborn had a fangtooth grow in his mouth overnight. In less than 24-hours, a fangtooth grew in the new born's mouth. According to Times Now, Tara and Brian O'Byrne rushed their 11-month-old to the hospital when they discovered the 'abnormally shaped tooth.' Tara went to her newborn Oscar at around 7 am in the morning when she saw him continuously crying. She found out the tooth in his mouth when she went ahead to feed him.  Infant With Large Hole in the Heart Saved in a Rare Complex Surgery in Kerala.

Take a look at the fangtooth Oscar developed-

He was taken to the Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda where even the doctors were berserk to see Oscar's tooth. They were also contemplating over the fact whether it was actually a tooth or not. Reports have it that the doctors had to call up another Hospital in Dublin called Temple Street Children’s Hospital from where a special dentist came to examine the case. The fang was finally removed; however, it caused still caused issues because ye suction was causing the tooth to go upto the newborn's nose.