Swedish Woman's Breast Implants Fall off Her Chest After a Botched-Up Boob Job from a Celebrity-Endorsed Clinic in Turkey
Breast implants fall off (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

In a frightening breast implant botch-up, a 27-year-old woman's implants fell off her breasts. The mother-of-two underwent a breast enhancement surgery in Turkey was suffering from discomfort and pain after that. However, the clinic brushed it off a "normal" symptom of recovery. However, soon the implant began to pop out of the breasts. Angelica Isaksen, from Stockholm, Sweden, forked out £6,000 which is over 5.5 lakh in INR for this second boob job of hers. However, despite her having told the clinic about her ballooned breasts that had turned red and was painful, the clinic that was apparently endorsed by celebs, did not pay heed to her.

She found this Turkish clinic on Instagram while she was willing to have her old before pregnancy body back reportedly for bikini competitions. She wanted to get back in shape and chose this particular clinic in Turkey that she checked was popularised by celebs on Instagram. Ms Isaksen also had a Brazilian butt lift and tummy tuck during her six-day stay in Turkey, she immediately knew something was wrong with her breast implants. results.

Once she returned back to Sweden she realised that the scar beneath her breasts had begun to open up and her implant was poping out covered in some kind of "brown liquid", Daily Mail reported. She had her implants removed and is back to a B-cup. Ms Isaksen explained her story to DM and said, "After two days, my breast started leaking with blood, but I was told it is "normal" and was made out to be overreacting. They didn't remove the tape to see what was going on - I assume the tape was holding the incision together". She further said how she "felt better as soon as it was out - the implant was covered in a brown liquid from the infection."