World Contraception Day 2020 is on September 26. The day is observed to improve awareness on all contraceptive and birth control method available and enable young people to make informed choices on sexual and reproductive health. The Day was first launched in 2007, and it has been 11 years that medical experts and reproductive rights supporters are observing World Contraception Day. In the spirit of World Contraception Day 2020, here we bring you some powerful quotes. These sayings and HD images perfectly describe the importance of increasing knowledge on birth control methods. These Contraception Day 2020 quotes signify the importance of birth control methods so that partners can make informed choices on reproductive health. Contraceptive Jewellery: Everything You Should Know About This New Form of Birth Control. 

If you are a couple and considering to get intimate with each other, but not looking forward to getting pregnant anytime soon, all you need is the right birth control method to prevent any surprises. There are several birth control options available, but unfortunately, only a little or lack of correct information is available. World Contraception Day 2020 stresses on this significant point. The day is an annual worldwide campaign aimed to raise awareness about contraception and educate people about the various birth control options. These World Contraception Day 2020 quotes and images display the importance of having enough information on birth control methods and procedures. Do Emergency Contraceptives Have Any Side Effects? Here's What You Should Keep in Mind Before Popping the Morning-After Pills. 

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"Contraceptive Protection Is Something Every Woman Must Have Access to, to Control Her Own Destiny." Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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"Birth Control Is the Means by Which Woman Attains Basic Freedom."

World Contraception Day 2020 Quotes and Images (Photo Credits: File Image)

"It’s a Contraceptive. It Prevents Pregnancy."

World Contraception Day 2020 HD Images (Photo Credits: File Image)

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World Contraception Day 2020 is a significant event, and the global campaign pushes for better education related to safe and protected sex so that no pregnancy is unplanned or unwanted. Let us increase more awareness of contraception and birth control for the betterment of our sexual and reproductive health.

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