A​s social media continues to rule supreme over the online worlds we operate in, brands have turned to building communities and engaging with customers in a way that not only brings them closer to their products but brings them closer to each other. The engaging nature of social media has indeed changed the way we look at branding and connection. CryBaby built a thriving community to spread positivity and inspiration online during a time we needed it most.

F​ounded by Esma @esma in 2018, CryBaby is all about embracing your genuine emotions and conveying that through fashion. "At CryBaby, we honor and celebrate honest feelings," explains Esma. "We built a community that appreciates what it means to be human and elevate our experience overall." An online boutique with a 90's twist, CryBaby, has exploded in popularity.

B​elieving that it is ok to cry, CryBaby engages with their customers on a level more profound than the typical clothing brand. By posting inspirational and motivational content, the brand grew organically to an incredible 300K followers. "We relate to our customers' true feelings, not a manufactured idea of how they should feel," describes Esma. "With everything being so fake and manufactured in the fashion world, CryBaby stands out as an empathetic brand."

"When our customers thrive, our community thrives, and that is the mission of CryBaby," states Esma. Expanding their content into self-care, self-love, lifestyle, and fashion tips, CryBaby optimizes user-generated content making their customers feel seen and heard.

C​ryBaby stands out as a different brand that cultivated unique values representing the times. Esma explains further, "we all could use some positivity these days, and CryBaby is committed to that." Leaving customers feeling better and inspired has proven great for business, and the brand continues to grow through fun designs, collaboration, and influence.