Looking to spice up your bedroom for sexual satisfaction? The sexual manual of Kamasutra should help. But before you get to the sexual positions, hold your horses. IKEA has recently launched its own version of Kama Sutra for interior design! Yes, the Swedish furniture retailers have referred to the Indian Sanskrit manual and developed it for the interior design. Taking a cue from the sexual positions like doggy style, lotus flower they adapt it to suit bedroom designing. The 44-page ebook was launched about a week ago and is complete with illustrations and descriptions for each of the position or styles, along with their products which fit these positions. The Secret to Great Sex Life Could Lie in Your Bedroom Colour! Know Which Colours can Help Turn you On.

The Kama Sutra bedroom guide is available for download online on IKEA's website. According to IKEA, the team has done thorough research to understand the intricacies of interior design or the quality bedroom living. The sex manual promises to be 'the ultimate guide to bedroom satisfaction.' The team behind developing this version of Kama Sutra says, "Whether you're restless or yearning for more, this book has a position for you. And by "position", we mean bedroom solution. Wouldn't want you getting the wrong idea." Missionary is Not the Best Sex Position! New Study Reveals Millennials Enjoy 'Doggy' the Most.

Watch Video of The Kama Sutra Developed by IKEA For Interior Designing 

A doggy style here refers to sharing the bedroom with your pet and has tips on how to make extra space in the room. The lotus flower position is inspired by a connection to nature. It talks about the sustainable materials used in making their furniture and harmonious colours. They also have new positions like 'The Narcissus Delight', 'Bohemian Tent', 'The Busy Hands' among many others. Each of the position has a description of the bedroom setting along with a picture of how it would look like on the adjacent page. 'The Climber' position is about elevating your bedroom style with a loft bed. Best Sex Positions in 2018: From Queening to X Marks the Spot, These Hot Kinky Sex Positions Were a Hit Among Couples This Year.

The book has a range of bedroom positions which go from classic to modern and layouts depending if the people like to hide something or show it all. The book thus details every nook and corner about developing your interiors and syncing it with sexual positions as mentioned by the original sex manual. Well, it is indeed an innovative way to get customers to spice up things in their bedroom with their product range.

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