Philip Mansour’s Story on How He Worked Smartly and Became a Top Business Mind
Philip Mansour (Photo Credits: File Image)

The world is a digital place today and people are working smartly rather than slogging. Philip Mansour is one among many who achieved success with his talent in diverse fields. He hails from Los Angeles, California and is a father of 2 boys – a 10-year old and the other 11-year old kid. However, he is a single dad and plans to remain unmarried. While he was not a bright student, he dropped out of high school in 10th grade and got his General Education Development (GED) which are a series of tests that show high school level education and is as good as an actual diploma.

At the age of 17, he found his interest in technology and marketing which saw him start his own eBay business. While he turned 19, he came up with his wholesale company and sold wholesale digital electronics to small tech shops across the globe. Slowly and gradually, he started understanding the basics of business and in 2009, he ventured into the software space and sold various niche software products and services. Some of his software programs made him a bankable name with a monthly profit of almost a million. However, in 2013, he became a consultant for several companies to scale their brands and generate more clients for their businesses.

Well, he succeeded in that as well as the companies paid him over 6 figures as the consultation fees. Furthermore, in April 2018, he launched; an SMS communication platform for small businesses which he recently sold it in September 2019. Apart from this, Philip also made his foray in cosmetic line as he partnered with a girl Ann in November last year. They started a magnetic eyeliner and eyelash company named which goes by the ‘glamnetic’ on Instagram. The products went on sale by the end of July 2019 and within a month, this man sold 50% of the company for 6 figures. As of now, he is working on a new and exclusive cosmetic brand which he plans to launch soon. The name of the brand is yet to be finalized. We wish this young business mind lots of luck for his forthcoming venture.