Anal sex can be all fun and games until it’s done right. For anal sex to give you pleasure, it is important to take the right steps, penetrate the right way and take certain precautions. The mere idea of having anal sex can be quite arousing for many of us because of how it’s done. It’s not the usual sex that you have and that’s what makes anal sex so exciting. If you and your partner are willing to experiment, you could definitely give anal sex a try. However, you gotta be a little extra cautious. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while having anal sex.

Lubrication is Must

Unlike the vagina that lubricates itself when you’re turned on, the anus lacks lubrication. Before having anal sex, make sure you use enough lube to make the penetration smoother. Without using one, anal sex can be a rather painful experience.

Use Condoms, of course!

Using condoms is a must when having anal sex. It’s strange that many people completely diss or are oblivious to the fact that anal sex can lead to pregnancy. Although the penetration happens from behind, because of the structure of our body, the semen can often travel from the rectum (which is in the anus area) to the cervix in the vagina. This can also happen as a cause of the ‘splash effect’. Hence, using a condom when having anal sex is a must!

Keep Checking in on Your Partner

First time anal can be quite a different experience. It can be painful, as mentioned earlier. So make sure that you keep checking in on your partner. Ensure that you’re both safe and sound while performing the act.

Can it Bleed?

Well, it depends. If the sex is too rough, there are chances it might pain and bleeding. The first two to three times you have anal sex, it is likely that you might bleed. However, the pain and bleeding stop eventually. If it does continue after the first couple of times, it is advisable to take professional medical help.

The Passing of STIs

Just like the vagina, the anus too has bacteria. This can lead to STIs or several other urinary tract infections.

Sex Farts during Anal Sex are Common

Not to forget, having anal sex can also put you in slightly embarrassing situations. For instance, you might fart while in the middle of the act. There's nothing to be uncomfortable about that as long as you and your partner share mutual understanding and laugh about it later.

All in all, anal sex can be quite a pleasurable experience if done right. What’s important is to take all the precautions while doing it so that it doesn’t stop you from having anal sex in the future either.

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