Rubee B Stone is one of the top female rappers in the USA. Born in Brooklyn, and raised in Bronx, USA, the female rapper is the perfect example of how believing in oneself can turn the rags to riches. Her songs Dubai, Get glad, Wat it do, etc have been loved by the audience worldwide, especially in the USA. Other than the USA, she has a massive fan following in Russia, India, and UK too.

The American rap industry is continuously growing. Thanks to rappers like Rubee B Stone who have immersed themselves completely in their musical craft. Rubee says that the magical combination of passion and perseverance changed her life. She is one of the fastest-growing rappers contributing to the American rap industry.

Rubee Stone exudes a level of passion and brilliance when it comes to music and she proves why she deserves to be among the top female rap artists in the industry. Not many have been able to mark this ever-evolving and competitive music industry of America, considering it is a breeding ground for many rappers, singers, songwriters, and musical artists.

Rubee B says that she always knew where she was heading. She was aware of how tough things would get in her way, looking at the saturation in the industry, but the thing that always helped her keep moving ahead was her strong self-belief, which helped her become the artist she is today.

The easier the sound, the more difficult it is in reality. However, artists like Rubee B have shown what it really takes to become the best in the music industry and how people can go about achieving their dreams in the same. Rubee Stone's unique vibe, style, sound, and music can be seen in her all tracks. Her recent track, 'ON TIMING' released on 30 July 2021, is booming among her fans and she adds magic to the song with her melodious voice which is perfect for all kinds of listeners and audiences. Though she is famous among all age groups, she is most famous among teenagers.

From a few quick observations of Rubee B, we will quickly realize that she is a great player in a rap game. Studying the greats to become even greater is her forte, when it comes to hard work and dedication, she is no stranger to it. Having a competitive yet humble mindset continues to separate this talented rapper from the crowd.

This has made Rubee B Stone a versatile artist who effortlessly expresses herself through his songs and makes listeners fall in love with her tracks instantly. The kind of passion and perseverance Rubee B has shown through her tracks have allowed her to reach the forefront of the music industry.