You may be having a lot of sex but there’s going to come to a point when you’re going to get bored of it eventually if you don’t experiment in bed. Sure, foreplay and sex are quintessentially important when it comes to having a deep intimacy and great chemistry with your partner. But what if the sex gets boring and the chemistry starts to fizzle out? Well, don’t let your boring sex life come in the way of your festive season. Since New Year is just around the corner, make it your resolution to not mess up your sex life, but to rather make it spicier. And how do you do that? Well, take these five important cues that should be your sex-related resolution this New Year 2020. New Year Sex: Start 2020 With These Oral Sex, Foreplay and Penis Stimulation Tricks To Have Amazing Sex All Year!

Promise your partner to make your sex life spicier

First things first – communicate with your partner and tell them that you don’t feel the same connection when it comes to having sex. At the same time, also give them the assurance that you want to make your sex life spicier and more interesting.

Take cues from the ultimate sex guide- Kama Sutra

When you’re thinking of making the sex hotter, ain’t nothing better than the ultimate sex guide – Kama Sutra. See what it has to offer, try out the different positions and see how that goes for you and your partner.

Try something new/ that you haven’t done in a long time

It could be role play, sexting, making out in public or having sex in water – Get frisky and do something that you haven’t done in a long time. Remember how exciting the sex was in the beginning and you wanted to have sex with your partner anywhere and everywhere? Well, it’s time to get back at making it more intense.

Recreate a sex scene from a movie

There sure has to be a sex scene from a movie that turns the hell outta you on every time you watch it! Well, how about you recreate it and see the sparks fly between you and your partner?

Try BDSM, Maybe?

If you and your partner both agree, then you could always go for BDSM and see how that works for you! Introduce a handcuff and a sexy red tie to make the foreplay hotter. What if BDSM helps you reignite the passion, the fire that you once had in bed?

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