Flash Pack, Travel Service for Solo Travellers Becomes One of The Fastest Growing Startups in UK With $13 Million Business
Flash Pack is a travel company for solo travellers (Photo credits: Pixabay)

Adventure travel has a huge market today and a passionate couple such found the right way to sell it across. Flash Pack, an adventure travel firm which creates tours for 30 to 40-year-old solo travellers, has made a booming business of $13 million! Lee Thompson and Radha Vyas met for a date and instantly slicked with their passion for travelling. Sparks flew in between them not just for each other, but in the creation of a facility that will allow other like-minded people like them to explore the world.

Backpacking has become a trend and is only emerging over the years. Their company started in 2014 and soon made a global impact and that too on a tiny budget. Flash Pack crafts extraordinary experiences combined with many thrills and in most amazing destinations around the world. Their company is one of the fastest growing startups in the UK.

When the two first met, they discussed a business plan over glasses of wine. Radha had already researched deeply into the lack of a platform that involves single solo travellers. So they chalked out a plan and started with just $19,652, enough to build a website. In an interview to the Forbes Magazine Vyas said, "We have been growing 300-400% every year since 2014, and we are well on track to achieve $22 million this year. Trying to convince people to trust a company that had no online reviews and didn’t even rank on page one of Google was hard."

Their one marketing idea struck too well and their website had 1.4 million hits in two days. Suddenly everyone wanted to know about the brand. When asked about what made them the fastest growing startups Vyas said, "We have a well-defined global niche and a deep understanding of our market. The adventure travel market has enjoyed 69% year-over-year growth since 2009 and the number of single people are on the rise, too."

Solo travel has become a trend and Flash Pack packaged and customised it well. They also curate the group chemistry before organising a trip and also carefully look into the adventures. Well, the couple is sure enjoying their own adventure as they make it available to other singles around the world. They are obsessed with Flash Pack and treat it no less like a baby. They got their target right and drive for adventure in place.