14-Year-Old Chinese Boy Inserts 53 Magnetic Beads in His Penis Out of Curiosity! Almost Dies Due to Internal Bleeding
Magnet balls in penis (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Puberty is a curious age when children are trying to learn more about their bodily changes. The curiosity, however, can prove fatal too. A 14-year-old boy from China could have nearly died of internal bleeding as he inserted 53 magnetic beads into his penis! With a weird fantasy to put them in his urethra and be able to take them out with a magnetic force, the little boy started bleeding. He crammed up not a few but more than 50 beads up and panicked when his underwear was covered in blood the next day. Man Had Tweezers Stuck in His Urethra For Four Years! Doctors Successfully Remove It (View Pics).

On seeing blood, the boy narrated his actions to his grandfather. Known only as Jiang Hua, the boy had to be rushed to a children's hospital for quick treatment. As per reports in The Daily Mail, the doctors described him as pale, vomiting, feeling dizzy and very shocked. The doctors operated on him and surgically removed two strings of magnetic balls. Because of the magnetic force, the beads had clumped together and caused haemorrhaging. Had not treated immediately, it could have taken his life!

The boy stays with his grandparents and was playing the magnetic balls the previous night. At some point, he grew so curious, that he thought if he inserted them into his penis, he would be able to pull them out himself. His curiosity grew, even more, when he believed that the more magnetic beads would only attract the ones he previously inserted. When he could not get them out, he went off to sleep. Weird Sexual Fantasies! Man Hospitalised After Wife Inserted Air-Freshener Can in His Bottom During Sex!

Jiang Hua even went to school the next day and around noon noticed heavy bleeding. The bleeding did not stop until the evening, when the boy panicked and told his grandfather about it. He was then rushed to the hospital at night where doctors immediately performed surgery. The local newspapers also reported that he was saved from a "critical condition."

This is not the first time, we have read of reports, where young boys have inserted stuff in their private parts out of curiosity. A few months ago, another 14-year-old boy had inserted a needle in his penis for sexual pleasure. He was left unable to pee until three days. There is a scientific term for this practice of inserting objects into private parts for sexual pleasure, it is known as sounding. It is very dangerous and can damage some organs permanently.