Ace Family’s Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz Respond to Rape Allegations; Twitter Still Mad and Demands Legal Action
Ace Family Responds and Gets Cancelled (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The Ace Family continues to make headlines as Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz have responded to the rape and molestation accusations against Austin. Things have taken a different turn with some people pulling up receipts against Cole Carrigan, the former Team 10 member who brought up everything Austin has allegedly done. It all started with a tweet where Cole accused the Ace family star of cheating on Catherina all the time, and claimed Catherine was fine with it if he’s back home in time for the vlogs. This started some serious confusion in Ace family fans and Cole took this as a green light for his exposing video. Ace Family YouTube Creator Austin McBroom and Father Exposed for Molestation and Rape by Cole Carrigan in a Shocking Video.

In the video uploaded by Cole Carrigan, he provided screenshots and included a phone conversation with a friend who explained everything that happened to them. He accused Keemstar for accepting $500,000 to keep quiet about this situation. The girl who was allegedly raped had posted screenshots of her side of the story in influencer fashion, on iPhone notes app. The post seemed strange to some people as she was slamming Cole and siding Austin McBroom. And to nobody’s surprise, it was deleted later with no explanation. People were quick to assume she was paid off or was lying to do that. Ace Family Should Get Cancelled Demand Twitterati After Austin McBroom and His Father Accused of Rape in Cole Carrigan's Video!

Lesliehannahbelle's Now Deleted Statement

Austin McBroom also responded to this via Twitter. He posted pictures of his statement written on the notes app. This too looks very… fake? People who have been following Austin for a long time or the Ace family drama for a long time pointed out the language and tone were off.

Austin McBroom's Statement

Update to Austin's Statement

The language and lingo used in the statement don’t seem like Austin and people are saying it was just a PR move till they buy people to be on their side.

Catherine's Reaction to This

Catherine, on the other hand, finds this situation funny. People are mad at her for finding it funny, regardless of which side is right. Even if Austin was falsely accused, rape is not something to laugh at. So far, nobody is buying this and the Ace Family might be cancelled and in serious legal trouble. Keemstar is backing the Ace family in this and this could get him and his channel in trouble as well.