Ace Family Should Get Cancelled Demand Twitterati After Austin McBroom and His Father Accused of Rape in Cole Carrigan's Video!
Austin McBroom (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The Ace Family has been exposed time and again. This time, it’s getting serious. Austin McBroom from the family is getting accused of raping a girl and getting a girl pregnant. Cole Carrigan, a former Team 10 member, has come forward to speak up on this situation after the girls were made to stay silent about this situation. Cole also exposed Keemstar, who allegedly accepted $500,000 to not make a video about this situation. Keemstar was ready to talk about this on his YouTube channel “DramaAlert” when he recieved the money and decided to discard the idea. Twitter is in shock over this entire issue, and people are demanding some serious action against Austin McBroom. Ace Family YouTube Creator Austin McBroom and Father Exposed for Molestation and Rape by Cole Carrigan in a Shocking Video.

Catherine Paiz, the wife and baby mama of Austin McBroom, is being trolled on Twitter for acting like she has no idea about this situation. Apparently, this has been going on for a long, long time now and Catherine is still with Austin. From demanding the cancellation of the Ace family, to trolling Catherine, here is what Twitter has to say about this situation. Ace Family Gets CANCELLED After They Cause Mudslide in Their Neighbour's Property.

Clown Face


wE'Re JeaLOuS

Hide the Kids!



Trash Forever

Cancel the Entire Family

The Expose Video is Truly Disturbing

Can't Unfollow if Never Followed


An Entire Circus!


What Austin did deserves more than getting cancelled on the internet. People have to take legal actions against him and stop them from doing what they've been doing. Twitter, do ya thing and get them off YouTube!