Happy April Fools’ Day 2021! Every year, on April 1, we celebrate the day by pulling out pranks on our closed ones. But the pranks are better when harmless. Besides, given the ongoing situation, the intention behind any silly jokes should only be aimed to spread smile and joy. April Fools’ Day is a holiday that celebrates practical jokes and laughter. While doing that, ensure that you don’t end up hurting someone. Since it’s essentially a pranking holiday, where every possible victim gets an advance warning, you have full rein to (safely) pull one on whoever you choose—BFF, family or beau, to celebrate Fools’ Day at home. We have collected some brilliant April Fools’ Day 2021 harmless pranks that won’t end in tears but more laughs.

Caramel Onions

A caramel apple makes your mouth watery, right? So, if you saw something round, covered in rich caramel, and with a stick, you probably won’t hesitate to take a bite! But instead of an apple, it’s an onion! Just the thought of it makes our taste buds twist. So, make your own sweet dish that appears a delight, but a small bite will make the prankee, go, urgh…

Funny Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a funny picture is worth a thousand laughs. Merge those hilarious photos of you and your bestie to quickly spread the April Fools’ Day spirit virtually.

Dictionary Words

Instead of casual texts, mess up with your beau by using those tough words in the dictionary. But before that, you might need to prepare yourself first to list down the best and most difficult words to send those mushy texts that will make your beau so confused.

Switch Clothes

Raid the underwear drawers of everyone in your home and switch them up. Or just plain t-shirts! Your parents will be briefly befuddled before realising they were duped. Be a good child, and later help them to sort the switch in clothes.

Un-Birthday Wishes

If you are able to get into their Facebook account, change the date of their birthday in the settings to April 1. They will be flooded with birthday wishes and have no idea why. Worst, if even their parents wish them a happy birthday!

Bubble Rub Under Rug

Measure out and get just enough bubble wraps to hide under the rug of a frequently visited stretch of hallway. Once somebody steps down on it, it will make such a bang!

These are some hilarious and healthy pranks you can easily pull off on your closed ones. You can also share some hilarious April Fools’ Day 2021 funny memes and jokes to spread laughter. Happy April Fools’ Day!

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