The month of April 2020 begins today. And the 1st of April is celebrated everywhere as April Fools' Day (also written as April Fool's Day). It is an annual celebration that accepts playing funny pranks, jokes on each other just to make fools out of people. However, this year, let's give it a break! Let us stop this annual custom involving crafted fake news to make silly pranks and jokes. We ponder if it is indeed the right time to carry it out? The outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic seems like a worse joke being played with humanity itself. The death toll numbers and number of infected cases is rising day by day. And it is a harsh reality we all are being a part of. At this point, it becomes our duty, to not spread fake news under the garb of silly pranks, when all people want is, positivity and support. Google Cancels April Fools’ Day 2020 Pranks in the Wake of Coronavirus Pandemic.

In this time and age of social media, April Fool's day is one of those observances when a lot of interesting stories are churned up and posted online. With clickbait headlines involving mostly celebrities and famous people, these articles are pure satire, aimed to fool the reader. A little disclaimer at the end of it often goes unnoticed like a new user's terms and conditions. But this time, while we face a crisis situation of COVID-19, it is highly inapt to spread anything for it is nothing but fake news. At a time when social media has to prove its power as a dispenser of proper updates from around the world, it would be highly insensitive to make jokes and fools out of readers. April Fools’ Day 2020 Cancelled? Twitterati Urges to Call Off the Annual Tradition of Pranking This Year Following Coronavirus Pandemic.

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As active and informed citizens or consumers of news from social media, it is the duty of all of us collectively to bust out all the fake reports, which are spread with the sheer intention of causing panic. The 'WhatsApp University', an institution on its own, wherein all fake news reports keep coming in from the app is a daily challenge to deal with. It has enough of "cures", "remedies" and "precautions" being forwarded mindlessly each day. Passing them on without verifying the authenticity definitely makes a fool out of one. Does Coronavirus Has pH Value of 5.5-8.5 & Can Be Cured by Eating 'Alkaline' Fruits Like Lemon, Mango and Orange? Know the Truth Behind Viral WhatsApp Message and Correct pH Values of Fruits.

April Fools' Day 2020 needs to be cancelled! We rather spread smiles through memes and jokes, share funny clips from the past, recall the moments where we were fooled by someone, but let us not create/ make fools in the present, of us or of them. This April Fool's Day, let us pledge to not make fun, pass on fake news, suspicious clickbait links and images that will spread more panic than there already is. Don't be a fool, by trying to make a fool. And spread smiles, not fake news.

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