Sexual consent is an agreement to participate in sexual activity with someone. Consenting and asking for consent is all about setting your personal boundaries and respecting those of your partner. Several campaigns are initiated online to make people understand the concept and respect it. In the same manner, the Australian government shared a video associated with its ‘Respect Matters’ campaign on the website. It included a ‘bizarre’ video that taught sex consent through milkshakes. The video reportedly has been removed after it received widespread criticism. But the purported sex education video was widely circulated on social media, with netizens calling it ‘cringe and confusing.’ Activists and sexual education experts have heavily criticized the federal government’s campaign and deemed it as misinformation about sexual consent. New Zealand's Sex Education Ad Features Adult Porn Stars Talking to a Mother About Child Watching Porn Videos Online Has Impressed Netizens. 

The government released the campaign on The Good Society that consists of 350 videos, podcasts, digital stories and more to help teach sex and consent to school-age children. According to reports, the website is a part of the Australian Government’s Respect Matters program to teach respectful relationships in schools. The video shows a teenage girl smearing a milkshake on her boyfriend’s face without his permission. The clip then uses other examples of eating pizza and touching private parts as situations where permission would be required. 'World Longest Penis' in a Kids Cartoon! Danish Show John Dillermand Aimed at 'Sex Education' Gets Mixed Reactions. 

Watch the Viral 'Milkshake' Sex Education Video

The Good Society’s website describes the learning material as an engaging online program that helps “students develop safe, healthy and respectful relationships.” The video did not go well with the netizens, who slammed the creators. Activists and sex education experts criticized the material for being out of touch with modern teenagers by using references. iConsent, Danish Sexual Consent App Allows Lovers ‘One Sex Session Valid for 24 Hours.' 

People Aren't Impressed!

Netizens Are Baffled at How it Was Even Passed

Following the criticisms online, officials reportedly removed the milkshake video and another clip in which a girl wonders whether to swim with sharks. The Guardian further revealed that the government spent nearly half the $7.8 million allocated to its ‘Respect Matters’ campaign.

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