Baby Girl Named Harland After KFC’s Colonel Sanders, Wins USD 11,000 As Promised by the Fast Food Chain
Harland Rose, FKC (Photo Credits: @kfc Twitter)

After fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) decided to offer money to parents who named their newborns after their founder, an American couple took up the challenge. A baby girl who was born on the birth anniversary of Colonel Sanders (September 9) was named Harland Rose. KFC announced the offer in honour of the owner and founder's 128th birthday. They had promised USD 11,000 towards the education fund of the child.

The USD 11,000 offered showed the famous 11 herbs and spices used in its fried chicken. KFC took to Twitter saying, "I'm as pleased as pumpkin punch to announce the winner of our Baby Harland Naming Contest and the Harland who will be ushering in an all-new generation of Harlands, little Harland Rose." KFC Promises $11,000 to Babies Born on September 9 and Named After Col Harland Sanders.

Meet baby Harland Rose:

While announcing the offer, KFC had stated that parents must submit the name, date and time of their baby's birth and contact information substantiated with official records. KFC came up with the unique challenge after they found out that the name Harland is no more in fashion. Colonel Harland David Sanders who was born on September 9, 1890, died on December 16, 1980. And in the 20th century, there were only 155 Harlands in the US. Infact Harland ranked only 3,257 among the most common baby names in America.

Harley Rose was born to Anna Pilson and Decker Platt, of Southern Pines in North Carolina. The parents plan to call her Harley. When KFC announced its deal in August, Andrea Zahumensky, the chief marketing officer for KFC, said "we couldn’t just stand idly by" and let their founder’s name diminish in popularity.