Beluga Whale Kisses a Child, Gets Confused After She Starts Crying, Watch This Cute Video
The whale kissed the child and then was confused when she cried (Photo credits: YouTube screenshot)

You must have seen many videos of dolphins performing tricks and playing with humans. There are specially designed dolphins parks in the world for these but have you seen a friendly whale? The Beluga whales are known to be very friendly and they are not afraid to get in contact with humans. People too are usually happy to have a friendly whale, but one video of Beluga whale has come up online which is too funny and adorable. A little girl in China started crying after the whale jumped up to kiss her. Seeing the baby cry, the whale looks confused. The reactions of both the girl and the whale are too funny.

The incident took place at the Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World, where the mother had taken her child for a visit. The Beluga whale was swimming on the surface of the water when he was amused by his visitors. Like any friendly species, he came up and kissed the baby on its cheeks.

Check out the cute video of the whale kissing the little girl:

Isn't the video adorable? More than that we cannot get over the kind of confused expressions the whale has. His eyes clearly show how he is trying to figure out 'why is she crying?' The whale looks like he wants the baby to stop crying and smile instead, but why is she not? The poor child must have been frightened to see the big fish leap out and kiss her. Users online also empathised with the whale's confused expressions. “The whale must be heart-broken seeing the baby’s unexpected reaction,” another one said. We too agree.