Bird Lands on News Anchor's Head During Live Broadcast, Reminds us of These Videos Where News Presentators Remained Calm

Being live on camera appearing presentable and delivering information is one of the most challenging jobs. Television presenters including anchors and reporters are trained to adjust to different situations the right way. Be it something silly or controversial, news anchors have handled some of the complicated situations in the most efficient way. Recently, an exotic bird landed on the head of a news anchor while during a live segment. Video of the red scarlet bird landing on her head is now going viral on the internet. The news anchor played it cool not letting the interruption affect her calm.

The scarlet bird seen int e video is an ibis, a resident of the San Diego Zoo in California. It was on set at San Diego's KFMB-TV for a segment on the morning show called "Zoo Day." Social media is all praises for the news anchor who played along and did not let it affect here.

Here is the video:

Meanwhile, we look at some more incidents when news anchor did not let interruptions come in their way of work.

1. When a pup grabbed the limelight

An adorable pooch decided to interrupt this Russian news presenter while live on camera in the studio. While the animal stole the spotlight for some time making her laugh, she was back on duty immediately.

2. When the reporter choked on a bug

Award-winning sports reporter with ESPN, Michael Eaves choked on a bug during live reporting a basketball. Eaves continued talking into the microphone even when he could not speak properly and then ended up swallowing the bug.

3. Caught unaware

While this is no interruption, the reporter's shocking reaction followed by reporting calmly grabbed eyeballs on the internet. She was praised for maintaining her calm by many after the video went viral on social media.

While these are considerably light-hearted incidents, there have been cases of news anchors live reporting deaths of their near ones. In one such incident, a news anchor reporting the breaking news of a dealy car crash which involved her husband. IBC24 senior anchor Supreet Kaur remained composed as she reported the car accident. She understood it was her husband when the details such as location, the type, and vehicle came in leading her to believe it was her husband. She was praised for attending her duty even during a crisis situation including a personal one.