Boss’ Day 2019: From the Know-It-All to the Mysterious Master, 7 Types of Bosses We Are Destined to Meet
Types of Bosses (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Happy Boss Day to all the bosses out there, working hard like there's no tomorrow. National Boss Day is that time of the year when workers appreciate their employers and thank them, aka THE day of the BOSSES! As soon as one hears the term "boss", a picture pops up in the head that is different to different people based on their experiences. Everyone who has been working for a good number of years, have experienced different kinds of bosses (Yes! There exist different types). Whether good or bad, soft-spoken or hard to deal with, we have seen various types of bosses. Every boss we've met in life may have made us feel horrible at times, but has definitely had some unique quality, that makes them THE BOSS. Let's take a look at some of the types of bosses we've all seen in our life:

The Bossy Boss

This is the boss who will make sure you know who the boss is. The person will time and again make you feel that you need to calm down and listen to them. But they know how to bring the most out of you that way and aspire you to grow and become in their position one day.

The Fun Boss

This is the kind of boss that makes you want to come to the office every day. They help you become a better version of yourself but without stressing you out. But since they are so good what is best about them? The day they are temporarily not fun, you know sh*t is getting real, and that gives you the "kick" you need from time-to-time to keep you on track.

The Mystery Boss

This type of boss will speak only how much is needed from them and will keep the rest of their personality a mystery. But does that mean they're cold? No. They save up different traits to use them as and when required.

The Know-It-All

This person will give you an information overload Every. Single. Day. You learn a lot from them. So much so, that you might not even need Google, at times. And the best thing about this type of boss is that you will grow and be thankful afterwards to what may have seemed overwhelming in the past.

The Misunderstood Boss

This is the kind of boss who may do everything for you and may even be willing to defend you in front of your seniors whenever needed, BUT you will still have complaints about them. The best part about such bosses? You'll be thankful to them later when they are no longer around you and the things they do for always, suddenly vanish.

The Charming Boss

This is the boss you admire a lot for whatever reason it may be. They may charm you with their work-skills or just the way they talk during meetings. But such bosses leave an unforgettable impression.

The Patience-Testing Boss

This type of boss will test your patience, sometimes, so much that you will want to kill yourself. But when you think of it in hindsight, you will realise that it brought out the best in you!

No matter what kind of boss you are dealing with remember that they do whatever they do, just to bring out the best version of you. You must be thankful to them for guiding you and what better day than National Boss Day to do it, huh? Go ahead, and tell them what they mean to you!