Buy Virginity Online? Fake Virginity Products: Artificial Hymen and ‘Blood’ Capsules for the First Night Shock and Anger Netizens
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One of the most important expectations Indian folks have from their newly-wed daughters-in-law is to stain the bedsheet with blood on the "first night" -- a visible proof of their virginity. Society has always pressurised women to "preserve" their virginity as a mark of their "purity." If they don't bleed on their first night, God save them! If there is no blood on the sheets, that means the girl's hymen is already broken. However, you'll be shocked to know that these days, online marketers have been capitalising on this absurd belief by selling fake hymens that will make you "bleed" on your first night. This means that you can now buy your virginity online as hilarious as it may sound to some.

Surprisingly, such products are not being sold at shady lanes by some fake babas but on reputed online shopping portals such as These products are also available on sites such as They are advertised with slogans such as "Get your virginity back now!" The fake hymen is also sold as a kink product for BDSM lovers who get turned on by the sight of blood during sex.  However, the main selling point of this product remains faking virginity.

Description of artificial hymen on reads as follows: "Regardless of the reason you would like to have your virginity back, it can be done!" It further says how you can "reboot" your virginity and that the product can be used if "you wish to keep your past love life a secret from your future husband".

Artificial Hymen (Photo Credits: screengrab)

How to Use Artificial Hymen to Fake Your Virginity

According to their instructions, one has to remove the tiny "blood"-filled capsule out of the package and then insert it into the vaginal canal right before you plan to have sex. They claim that these products are "100% natural" and that they won't harm your vaginal health if left inside. So once you insert these capsules inside your vaginal canal and have sex, you will certainly bleed making people believe that your hymen is intact, which means you are a virgin and have had sex for the first time.

How to Use Artificial Hymen (Watch Video):

People online are both shocked and outraged by the product. Considering the sexist product fuels the wrong idea about virginity, they have been receiving backlash. Not only are people upset that such products exist but are also afraid about misconceptions such products endorse.

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It Is No Joke

What Is Virginity?

So does a broken hymen makes you a non-virgin? The answer is NO. The hymen is one of the most misunderstood parts of your body, and not everyone's hymen is same. The membrane is a thin, fleshy tissue that's located at the opening of your vagina, covering the orifice. But a broken or widened hymen doesn't mean that you aren't a virgin. Masturbation, tampons, riding a bike, gymnastics and many other reasons could cause the hymen to break. First-Time Sex: Girls, 5 Things About Losing Your Virginity That No One Will Tell You!

Well, the demand for such products means that virginity is still a big deal. Closer home, in India, demanding to know about the "chastity" of your would-be wife or daughter-in-law isn't considered outrageous. In fact, "Virgin Girl Wanted" tops the list of demand from the groom's side in matrimonial ads.  People go to the extent of using white bedsheets on the bed of a newly-married couple to check if the woman bled on her first night.