First-Time Sex: Girls, 5 Things About Losing Your Virginity That No One Will Tell You!
First-Time Sex and Virginity (Photo Credits: The Noun Project and File Image)

'Losing' virginity may mean different things to different people. For some, it is a serious matter whereas, for some, it is all about fun and adventure. No matter what, it is significant for everyone. No one forgets who they lose their virginity to. First-time sex is special both for men and women, but unfortunately, a woman's virginity is the most talked about. Well, it is 2019 and nobody cares, but if you are planning to lose your virginity anytime soon, you must keep a few things in mind. No amount of XXX porn or even erotic books will help you, correctly. Crazy Things That Happen to Your Body When You Stop Having Sex!

But before that, there is something you must be clear about. You must have heard a lot about the most commonly asked question about virginity and first-time sex- if a broken hymen makes you a non-virgin? The answer is NO. The hymen is quite misunderstood part of your body, and not everyone's hymen is same. The hymen, a thin, fleshy tissue that's located at the opening of your vagina covers your vaginal opening. But a broken or widened hymen doesn't mean that you aren't a virgin. Masturbation, tampons, riding a bike, gymnastics and many other reasons could cause a broken hymen. Performing Oral Sex on a Woman is ‘Nutritious’ Thanks to Good Bacteria in the Vagina, And it’s Science-Backed!

However, you must remember that you can lose your virginity only when you are 100 percent sure of it. No one or no situation can force you to have sex. Do it only when you feel absolutely comfortable, there is no clock ticking. However, here are a few things about losing your virginity and first-time sex that no one will tell you:

  • Speak to a doctor or anyone experienced about your plans. They will be able to guide you the best. The perfect thing would be to visit a doctor who can solve all your queries. And do not feel weird about it, they will not disclose your secrets.
  • You must trust the person you want to lose your virginity to. Not just emotionally, but he should be able to understand you and handle well if things do not go the way you two plan. Also, you do not want to catch an STD infection from the person. A medical check-up for both of you is recommended.
  • It may hurt. First-time sex does give you pain, especially if you haven't had enough foreplay. You have to give it time for your vagina to lubricate well before going for vaginal penetration.
  • It may not end well. Be prepared not like the whole experience as well. You may take it a while to like it and first time may be all about pain. So keep patience.
  • YOU CAN BACK OUT! Yes, if you don't get a good feeling about it, say you don't want to have sex and leave.

And the most important thing is be prepared for your body to feel different after that. It is different to everyone but your vagina might become more flexible and your overall feeling about sex will change. But there is nothing to worry, if you have any doubts, always go for professional help.