Couple’s ‘Dirty’ Photoshoot in Mud Goes Viral, Netizens Question If Its a Pre or Post Wedding Shoot! See Viral Pics (New)
Couple drenched in mud for photoshoot (Photo Credits: @BinuseensPhotography/ Facebook)

Wedding photoshoots are mandatory these days. You cannot seem to begin the beautiful phase of your life before getting a pre-wedding shoot done by a professional. Couples choose their dream destinations and venues to pose in front of the camera and create memories to cherish for a lifetime. Wedding photoshoots are also a great way to bring specific fantasies to reality. Take this South Indian couple, for instance. They have gone a little extra (dirty) after they decided to roll in the mud and pose for their wedding shoots. But is it pre or post-wedding photoshoot? Netizens question this couple’s extremely dramatic photographs as they go viral on social media. Kerala Couple Falls off Canoe Into River While Trying to Kiss During Pre-Wedding Shoot; Video Goes Viral. 

One of the Twitter user, who goes by the handle, @5haiju posted pictures of this unidentified couple drenched in mud water at the paddy field. He captioned the pictures as “pre-wedding shoots.” But the internet was quick to point out the sindoor (vermilion) that the girl can be seen wearing. While a section of Twitter argued that it is a pre-wedding shoot, others stood by the comment that the pictures were taken after their nuptial ceremony. Again, some simply could not get over the fact that the couple went extreme extra to make their photoshoot so exceptional. This motivated another line of memes. Florida Bride Wears White Bikini With Veil to Her Fun-Filled Wedding! Pics & Videos Go Viral. 

Here's the Tweet:

And the Debate Begins!

Sindoor to be Noted:


LOL, Hope Not:

You Wish!

After a lot of debates here and there, we found the original post that was shared on Facebook, presumably by the photographer himself. Facebook account, ‘Binu Seens Photography’ uploaded a series of pictures of the couple only identified as Jose and Anisha and that it was a post-wedding shoot. He even posted a video showing how he and the pair managed to get these so filmy pictures in between paddy field in the Southern part of India.

Here Are the Pictures of the Post-Wedding Shoot:

Watch Video:

Aren’t you amazed already? Keeping the jokes aside, the newly-wed couple seems happy and comfortably drenched in love and mud. And the wedding photoshoot was unique. How often do you such photographs anyway! We wish them a blissful marital life ahead, just how cheerful they look in the photos.