Are you picturing dinosaurs running around in the streets in your 2020 vision? Well, that's happening, at least on social media these days. A discovery of egg-shaped fossils from Perambalur in Tamil Nadu started doing the rounds on social media a couple of days ago as 'dinosaur' eggs. But to kill your excitement about the pre-historic creatures, these supposedly dinosaur fossils turned out to be Ammonite sediments, which basically belong to marine creatures. However, the thought of existence of dinosaurs again have led to an excellent meme-fest on Twitter. Dinosaur funny memes and jokes are trending online with regards to the findings in the Perambalur. Real Dinosaur Cloned in China? Know More About Viral Video of Scary Looking Prehistoric Creature From Jurassic World's Exhibition.

To give you a little background, egg-shaped rocks were discovered near a water body called the Kunnam tank in Tamil Nadu's Perambalur district. Soon experts confirmed that these structures are ammonite sediments. But in the meantime, news about "dinosaur eggs" spread all over social media, people already started picturing themselves living with these prehistoric creatures. From dinosaurs on the streets to remembering Virat Kohli's dinosaur pose, the news has resulted in a funny gig on social media. Now once again, hilarious Perambalur dinosaur memes and jokes are trending online. When Virat Kohli walked like a dinosaur, that too had inspired some set of hilarious memes and jokes.

Check Funny Memes and Jokes on Dinosaurs in Tamil Nadu:

Jurassic Park in Tamil Nadu

Buses in Perambelur

Remembering Virat Kohli's Pose

Jalikattu Henceforth!



Perambalur Sightseeing 

Dinosaurs in Daily Life Here

Clearly, people were too excited to imagine these pre-historic beasts roaming and coexisting with them together. These were just fossils and not of dinosaurs at all. But the thought of the giant creatures returning to life looks funny now, thanks to these hilarious interpretations online.

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