The "new normal" has completely changed our lives. Right from our eating habits to travelling to even meeting our friends everything has changed. Same with the ATM habits, which amid the coronavirus pandemic involves us to take precautionary measures because they can turn out to be big COVID-19 hotspots. However, on a lighter note, people are not shying away from making funny memes and jokes of the new normal rituals, case in point, finger protection used in some ATM stalls that somewhat resemble condoms. Panipuri Vending Machine aka Pani Puri ATM That Dispenses Human Contact-Free, Hygienic Panipuris Goes Viral on Twitter amid Coronavirus Pandemic! Netizens Can't Contain Their Happiness (Watch Video).

Yes, many ATM vestibules are offering finger protection that is funnily enough shaped like condoms to protect you from contracting the coronavirus. Since the ATM process involves us using our fingers to direct the machine into dispensing cash, it is very important that we protect ourselves from the virus transmission. But these protective gears crafted especially for the fingers resemble so closely to a different kind of protective gear used majorly for the penises aka CONDOMS that people cannot stop sharing tweets with sexual innuendos. What Is an ATM? How to Withdraw Money From the Automated Teller Machine? Here Are Dos and Don’ts You Should Know. 

This one tweet is going viral on Twitter that says, "I was at the bank before they closed and the teller was handing out these. The man in front of me smiled and winked and as he gave it back said “Oh I need a MUCH bigger one than this.” The teller said “No sir. It goes on your finger for the ATM.” I died!!" and netizens cannot stop laughing. Check out the tweet:

The tweet has received many reactions and retweets. People can't stop laughing. "I’ve seen it all now. Fingerdoms! Give me strength", one Twitter user wrote. "Come in 3 sizes. Small, medium and liar." wrote yet another netizen who was amused by the post. It is actually hilarious but FR, it is important that we use these protective gears especially while visiting such places that are more prone to coronavirus. Stay safe!

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