Pani puri vending machine aka panipuri ATM? What a time to be alive! Anybody who loves panipuri, also known as golgappa, fuchka, gupchup, pani batashe, etc. will fall in love with this new machine that is going viral on Twitter as Pani puri ATM. This machine dispenses panipuri without any human touch and provides you with a plate of mouth-watering panipuri safely amid coronavirus. We are all gearing up for a world post-COVID-19. While the numbers are still high we need to know that these coronavirus precautions must continue even after the impact of this new virus has mellowed down. Panipuri has always received the flak for being unhygienic due to its preparation process and offered to the people by local vendors. Pani Puri Recipe: Ingredients and Step-by-Step Method to Make the Perfect Phuchka or Gol Gappe at Home (Watch Video). 

Usually, panipuri walas (people selling panipuris) use their bare hands to break the crispy puris, add filling to it and also dip their hands in the panipuri water to fill the puri. While there are also some vendors who traditionally use a pair of gloves, and for the water, they use a spatula but still, hygiene has always been criticised when it comes to panipuris. Ironically, the more panipuris are criticised, the more the huge demand for this delicious street food in India increases. No wonder there is a machine for panipuris before anything because panipuri lovers can't do without their tasty snack! Kanpur Bans Sale of Pani Puri on Carts From Today, District Admin Fears Overcrowding And Lack of Social Distancing to Contribute in COVID-19 Spread. 

Check out the video of how this panipuri vending machine works:

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Given the situation, it is important to upgrade and include healthy, safe and hygienic habits in the lifestyle not just to keep coronavirus at bay but also to stay germ-free, regardless. The world will change after the pandemic, let's make it for the better!

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