Condor Airbus A330 With 326 Passengers Diverted After Pilot's Coffee Spills on Aircraft Control Panel and Fills Cockpit With Smoke
Condor Flight. Image Used for Representative Purpose Only. (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Frankfurt, September 14: Usually it's a problem in the flight's engine or an unforeseen event that forces a diversion of route, but a transatlantic flight had to divert to Ireland after the pilot spilled coffee on the aircraft's controls. Airbus A330-243, which was operated by Condor, was scheduled to reach in Cancun, Mexico from Frankfurt in Germany. However, the flight had to divert to Shannon airport in Ireland. Delhi-Patna Spicejet Flight Diverted to Varanasi, Passengers Asked to Take a Bus.

The incident took place after the pilot, a 49-year-old experienced hand, with over 13,000 hours of flying experience was handed over the coffee. The piping hot coffee spilled on the aircraft's control system and one of the button also melted, reported CNN travel. Mumbai – London Jet Airways Flight 9W 116 Diverted to Bucharest in Romania Due to a Medical Emergency.

The audio control panel became so hot that it started smelling and the flight crew had to wear masks. The flight had to be diverted as a precautionary measure, the airline was quoted saying by the CNN. The coffee was kept on the tray, from where it fell on the system. Later, the aircraft management briefed the staff on handling food and bevarages while in the plane and apologised to the passengers for the inconvenience caused.