The Coronavirus lockdown has seen certain appearances which were earlier thought rare. Now local fishermen from Sarawak state in Malaysia made a giant catch of a stingray that weighed almost 280 kgs! Pictures of this enormous sea creature have been shared online and the size is bewildering. A group of four local fishermen caught is from the river in the Sugai Lundu estuary. Their catch is about 4 metres wide. Stingray Stings Man on Penis in China's Resort, Watch Video.

One of the fishermen told a local report, they have caught big stingrays in their net before but this is the first time the catch is so huge. "It took us an hour-and-a-half to wrangle with the struggling stingray before we could finally take it back with us to the fisherman's pier at Lundu," he was quoted. Getting this catch also wasn't easy as the enormous fish put up a fight for its survival. He also mentioned about the happiness of this unexpected catch and called it a blessing to their lives during the holy month of Ramadan.

Check Pics of the Giant Stingray:

Isn't it so huge? Especially with the man on top of it, gives more idea about its size. This specific catch belongs to the Urogymnus polylepis species which are said to be among the world's largest freshwater fish. They usually are elusive and go unnoticed because they sit/ hide at the surface of the river or bury themselves under the sand. This incidence is second of such rare sea creature finding in recent time. Just yesterday, we reported of rare blue sea dragons that were spotted off Texas beach. These are dangerous sea slugs which can cause a painful sting. Thankfully, this stingray catch did not harm any of the fishermen in their fight with it.


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