Glee Actor Kevin McHale Shakes His Booty and the Internet is Thirsting over Him (Watch Video)
Kevin McHale, Glee Actor (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The popular show Glee redefined a generation's love for musicals. The show celebrated its 10th anniversary in May, 2019. Feel old, yet? Today, the spotlight is on Glee actor Kevin McHale. He played the role of the wheelchair bound, Artie Abrams. He never let his disability get in the way of his ambition. Not a chance. But maybe we will write a longer appreciation post for Artie later. Right now, it is time for us to appreciate the hell out of Kevin and his bootylicious dance moves. The actor did not had the chance to use his dancing skills on Glee, and one of his TikTok videos has made the fans realise what they missed out on.

In the video, Kevin McHale is shaking his hips for the camera, in a way that cannot really be described as sexual. But you know Twitter. The fans of the show and actor are totally thirsting over the bootylicious video which is going viral.

Twitter users are busy lusting over the hot actor and the responses are ranging from appropriate to inappropriate to NSFW to will-give-a-heart-attack-to-a-conservative. And also a lot of jokes about wheelchairs. Of course, we compiled the best ones for you.

Here We Go:

Check out the OP

Uterus explosion

Meal on wheels. LOL.

No, please don't



How did y'all not know he could actually walk?

Well, there is that. The perfect dose of the internet for you, today. People united in amazement of learning that Artie from Glee can actually walk IRL. And, then proceeded to lust all over him. Currently, Kevin is busy hosting a podcast called Shwomance with Glee co-star Jenna Ushkowitz.