Lorraine Maradiaga Viral Snapchat Video: Texas Police Search For Teen Who Claims to Have Coronavirus and Is Spreading It On Purpose!
Lorraine Maradiaga, Texas teen claims she will spread coronavirus (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Lorraine Maradiaga, an 18-year-old girl who claims to be coronavirus infected is going viral on social media for claiming that she is spreading coronavirus on purpose to other people. In an infuriating Snapchat video that is doing rounds on social media shows attempts of Maradiaga trying to spread COVID-19 and now Carrollton police are aggressively looking for the woman. The police took to Twitter to reveal her claims that she has COVID-19 and is "willfully spreading it." The video gives an impression of her being in a drive-thru testing site and a nurse telling the person that they need to go home while awaiting results, KXAS reported.

The police shared a post on Twitter where they said that they "have identified the woman seen on social media claiming to be COVID-19 positive as 18-year-old Lorraine Maradiaga" They further said that they are "charging her with Terroristic Threat, Texas Penal Code 22.07." They said they are on a lookout for her since they haven't located her yet but for tips, one can call on:  (972) 466-3333 or CrimeTips@CityofCarrollton.com. Check Tweet:

The police shared an updated tweet where they said that there is no confirmation that "Maradiaga is actually a threat to public health". However, they are taking her "social media actions very seriously." Check tweet:

In the video, Maradiaga can be heard saying, "I’m here at Walmart about to infest every (expletive), because if I'm going down, all you (expletive) are going down". She goes on to say "My parents told me to stay my a** at home. Who the f**k are you to tell me to stay my a** home?". Maradiaga could be seen going back in her car, coughing in the direction of the camera, saying "If you want to get the coronavirus and (expletive) die, call me. I’ll meet you up and (cough, cough) and I will shorten your life." A Carrollton Police Department spokesman told KXAS that the officers went to Maradiaga’s home Sunday, but she was not there.