Mumbai Actor Vishwa Bhanu Spreads Hysteria With Fake Allegation of 'Diwali Ban' in His 'Muslim Society'; Matter Turns Out to be Personal And Not Communal
Vishwa Bhanu (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Mumbai, October 27: Vishwa Bhanu, a Mumbai-based actor, on Saturday took to Facebook to complain that his family is not being allowed to celebrate Diwali in the "Muslim" society he lives. Vishwa Bhanu's Facebook post immediately went viral with the screenshot and a false communal narrative being shared on WhatsApp and Twitter. However, the whole episode later turned out to be a fight between two neighbours. UP Police Appeals People Not to Pay Attention to Communal Reports, Say Attempts Made to Initiate Tensions.

In his Facebook post, Vishwa Bhanu alleged that his neighbours asked him and his wife to remove the diyas and a rangoli by their gate. "I am living in a Muslim society in Mumbai Malad Malwani and like last year this year too people of the society start arguing with my wife on lighting up her house today. They were not allowing my wife to lighting up and making a rangoli on the gate outside the house. They destroyed the lights and the crowd forced me to remove the lights (sic)," he wrote. 'Total Mumbai Under Terror Attack Threat?' Here's a Fact Check of Fake Video Being Shared as Police Commissioner's Message.

Vishwa Bhanu's Facebook Post:

Vishwa Bhanu wrote similar content on Twitter tagging Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and some media houses.

Vishwa Bhanu's Tweets:

Many people fell in the trap of the communal spin given by Vishwa Bhanu to the incident which later turned out to be a feud between two neighbours. Jyoti Yadav, a journalist who tweeted about the incident, later posted a clarification that there was no communal angle to it. In her clarification, Yadav said that she had spoken to police and the two families involved and found out that it was just a fight between two neighbours.

Real Story Behind "Diwali Banned in Muslim Society"

"There is no communal angle. Police have reached the society where many Hindu families live and are celebrating Diwali," she added. Malad Congress legislator Aslam Shaikh also posted a tweet saying his office tried to contact Vishwa Bhanu but he didn't respond back. The actor later wrote another post on Facebook saying: "Matter has been sorted mutually". It was also revealed that the society where Vishwa Bhanu live is not a "Muslim" society but many Hindu families reside there.

"Kindly, please refrain from hate-mongering posts/tweets that could incite communal disharmony. I’ll take strict action against those involved in it. Let’s celebrate #Diwali in peace and harmony," MLA Aslam Shaikh tweeted in view of the incident.