As people across countries are trying to curb the spread of coronavirus, China does not seem to follow the rules to keep the disease at bay. Thousands of people gathered for the 2020 HOHA Electronic Music Festival at a Happy Valley Wuhan waterpark over the weekend in the central Chinese. As the city is still returning to normalcy, partygoers came together for an event. People came together at Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park in swimsuits and goggles for an electric music festival. The waterpark reopened in June after Wuhan cripples to normalcy after a 76-day lockdown and strict restrictions to bring the virus under control. Also, the park is offered half-price discounts for female visitors. People danced without facemasks as DJs and performers played onstage. Benefits of Social Distancing During Coronavirus: 4 Reasons Why You MUST Maintain Adequate Distance From Others Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Pictures and videos of 2020 HOHA Electronic Music Festival at the Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park and Happy Valley Wuhan has flooded social media platforms. People can be seen clicking photos on their phones protected in plastic pouches around their necks. A performer on a water jet board entertained by hovering above them with sparks shooting from his back. Some of the revellers had donned life jackets but none of them was wearing masks other than the DJ. Mumbaikars Spotted Jogging at Marine Drive Wearing Face Masks: Is it Safe to Walk or Jog With the Mask On? Here’s What You Should Know Apart From Social Distancing.

People Partying at Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park:

Watch Video of 2020 HOHA Electronic Music Festival:

Currently, China has over 89,800 coronavirus cases and 4,710 deaths. Hubei makes up 68,000 of the confirmed cases and 4,500 of the deaths. The first case of COVID-19 emerged in Wuhan late last year, a city with 11 million people. After which the virus spread across the world killing thousands and weakening economies. The electronic music festival is expected to last for over a month, from July 11 to 30 August 2020. In Wuhan, the lockdown was lifted in April after which there have not been any domestically transmitted cases officially reported in Hubei province. Thereafter the Hubei government has been offering free entry to 400 tourist sites across the province.

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