Video of a man taking a car out a tough spot has gone viral. It shows a white Innova parked on a tiny spot with just enough space for the car. One little wrong step ahead or behind and the car would topple down from the cemented elevation. It looked quite a tricky one in the beginning with high chances of losing control. But the man quite successfully takes tiny reverse and gets the car out of the parking. The video has now gone viral with people exclaiming at how effortlessly the man did it. While most people praised the man, some others claimed that even they could do it and that it wasn't a great deal after all. The incident seems to have recorded in Kerala. The video was tweeted with the caption, "That’s Malayalee confidence for you." Dog Puts Car in Reverse and Drives Across 4-Lane Road in US, Shocked Owner Left Chasing Behind (Watch Viral Video)

However, the video is being widely shared on social media platforms with over 7,90,000 views, more than 39,000 likes and above 6,700 retweets. Some said that he is quite confident and knew his job well. However, a Twitter user wrote, "There’s a thin line between confidence and stupidity, in this case, it’s the latter." Florida Dog Trapped in Car Drives the Vehicle in Circles for an Hour After Accidentally Putting It in Reverse, Watch Viral Video.

Video of Man's Perfect Car Reverse Goes Viral:

Meanwhile, many Twitterati said that Himachali bus drivers were daredevils and this reversing saw very simple task for them. Another comment read, "You should check out the Himachalis. I had an Experience like this somewhere close to Ladakh Sitting in a taxi to get tires for a puncture car and this get it something very close to this with a drop on the other side and a our tired were on the edge." Another said, "Indeed. Himachali can park and exit this same spot with a speed of at least 50KM. I have seen them reversing a car on the hills at 30kmph speed." Well, that sounds dangerous!

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