PM Modi’s Tweet Brought This Couple Together From Across Borders! Sri Lankan Bride Meets Soulmate in India Through Twitter
Couple gets married after meeting on Twitter (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Finding love on the internet is not too new especially with social media playing such a crucial role in meeting new people. It is relatively common for youngsters to meet on Facebook or Twitter, get along and settle together. Now, liking a common tweet of PM Narendra Modi has united people from different nationalities. A Sri Lankan national named Hansini Edheerisinghe found her soulmate in Indian man Govind Prakash from Madhya Pradesh. Their common liking was a tweet by Narendra Modi. The couple got married on February 10 in Madhya Pradesh. Mangalore Couple Seeks 'Vote for PM Modi in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections' Through Marriage Invite.

Govind Prakash, 26-year-old lives in a village called Kuchrod in Mandsaur, about 300 kms away from Bhopal. Hansini is 25-year old from Sri Lanka. Govind is a staunch supporter of PM Modi and liked one of his tweets in 2015. Hansini too liked the same tweet, and it was enough curiosity for Govind to check her online. The two soon became friends and their friendship evolved into love as they had frequent conversations. Brother And Sister Marry Each Other in India! Siblings Register Marriage in Punjab For Australian Spouse Visa.

After two years, Hansini visited India in the year 2017, and they met for the first time. After meeting, their liking for each other was more evident and it was a task for Hansini to now convince her parents. She decided to pursue a course in physiotherapy in India. Meanwhile, Govind too completed his engineering degree. Eventually, both the families met and decided upon the wedding date. "My daughter came to India to study but before that, that connection already existed. I didn’t consent to it then as I didn't know him, later I met him personally. He came to Sri Lanka &I agreed to the marriage. I’m very happy," the bride's father was quoted to ANI.

The couple's wedding ceremony took place in Kuchrod and 15 members from the bride's side and over hundreds from Govind's family were present for the wedding. The marriage took place according to Hindu rituals. The couple will now stay in Chandigarh and continue their happy married life.