Brother And Sister Marry Each Other in India! Siblings Register Marriage in Punjab For Australian Spouse Visa
Marriage (Photo Credits: (Pexels)

Trying to fool the immigration, an Indian sister and brother married each other to find their way into Australia! After the incident came to light, investigating authorities are now looking for similar immigration scams. The siblings registered their marriage in Punjab for Australian spousal visa. For verification purposes during the marriage, the woman produced her cousin's Australian visa.

According to The Australia, the pair used fake documents to travel to Australia as husband and wife. Once in the country, they received a spousal visa. Local Inspector Jai Singh was quoted as saying, "They have cheated the social system, legal system and religious systems, all for the craze, wish and desire to go abroad. We are conducting raids but they are on the run and we have not been able to arrest anyone. A brother and sister marrying, is a first, and now it has come in front of our eyes we are all surprised and shocked." 5-Year-Old Thai Twins Marry Each Other in Traditional Ceremony! Watch Video of Bizarre Wedding.

He said that the local police have 'registered a case' against six people involved in immigration cases. He added saying that, however, a brother and sister marrying for settling overseas has never been previously heard of. A spokesman for the Department of Home Affairs said: 'All identity documentation provided with visa applications is thoroughly checked… and, where necessary, verified with relevant authorities in the issuing country.'

The Department said that it did not have control real passports being given on fraud documents. Reportedly, 1,500 partner visas of foreign nationals have been rejected in the past four years as they produced fake documents. Most of them provided fake passports, birth and marriage certificates.