Prince Louis Christening: Seven-year-old Cake from Prince William & Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding Served to Guests!
Prince William & Kate Middleton With Prince Louis (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

The royal family has been very busy this year, welcoming two royal babies, a royal engagement and of course the grand wedding ceremony. Now, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are celebrating the big occasion; Prince Louis Christening. The royal couple has tried to keep their royal baby out of the spotlight since he was born on April 23. And as the clock struck near to the big event, media has been quite a successful managing to get the glimpse of the latest royal baby. He is so adorable. But there has been a buzz about Prince William and Kate Middleton serving a seven-year-old treat as Prince Louis's christening cake at the party! Prince Louis Pics: Kensington Palace Released Two New Photos of Third Royal Baby, Taken by the Duchess of Cambridge

Prince Louis is being christened at the Chapel Royal at St. James's Palace, United Kingdom; the same church where his older brother Prince George was christened. As part of the ceremony, slices of cake from Prince William and Kate's wedding in 2011 will be served to the guests. What is up with the British royalty and cakes? Netizens are going gaga over it! So, the reason that the royals are eating such old cake is actually a tradition for the royal couples to save a tier from their wedding to serve at their child's christening. And the Cambridge have done it for all of their three children; big thank you to the giant wedding cake!

Read the announcement of Prince Louis Christening!

Kensington Palace has confirmed that the guests will be served slices of Christening cake at the private tea. Prince William and Catherine Middleton managed to keep enough tiers save for George, Charlotte and Louis. Their cake had eight tiers and was made of 17 fruitcakes, dressed in alcohol- which acts as the natural preservative. At the time, it was reported that the creators took five weeks to make and was decorated with 900 individually iced flowers and leaves.

Along with the tradition of serving their wedding cake at the Christening, Kate and William also dressed the two-month-old Louis in the same christening gowns worn by his siblings. The garment which the new member of the royal family will wear is a replica of the dress that Queen Victoria commissioned for her first-born child, her daughter Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa back in 1841. Over the period, the beautiful white silk dress was worn by all the royal babies. Call it , but these are the traditions of the Royal which are very well marked by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.