Punjab Pilot's Memorable Gift to Senior Citizens From His Village Will Bring a Smile to Your Face!
Representational Image (Photo credits: Pixabay, Lars_Nissen_Photoart)

Air travel is not really an affordable mode of transport and it is still the dream of many to at least, once take a flight and experience the journey. A resident from Punjab's Sarangpur village, brought smiles on not one but several elderly couples when he arranged for their air travel after he turned a pilot. Vikas Jyani, keeping his word, arranged flight tickets for 22 residents, all above the age of 70. The elderly grandmas and grandfathers travelled from New Delhi to Amritsar. In Amritsar, they visited the Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh and also the Wagah Border. Airbus BelugaXL Plane 'Whale in the Sky' Completes its First Flight: Watch Video. 

Vikas was confident about becoming a pilot one day and he gave a fulfilling gift to all the elders of his village. It was their first flight ever and their happiness knew no bounds. The passengers were 90-year-old Bimla, 78-year-old Ramamuti, 78-year-old Ramamuti, 78-year-old Kankari Devi, 75-year-old Giradawari Devi, 80-year-old Amar Singh, 75-year-old Surjaram, 75-year-old Khemaram, 72-year-old Atmaram, Indra, Jagdish and Satpal. They never imagined they would fly but they were sure left overwhelmed, thanks to Vikas.

Talking about the same, Vikas father Mahendra told TOI, "He fulfilled his dream and that's the most important thing for me. All youth should follow Vikas' example and we should all respect our elders." He called what his son had done was no less than a pilgrimage. Vikas always treated all the elders with respect and he worked hard to make not his only but even their dream come true.

Bimal, 90-year-old grandmother said she did not think the dream would actually come true, "Many people make promises to elderly but kept his word," she said. For other two 78-year-old grandmothers, it was the best moment of their life. Vikas Jyani is sure an inspiration to many other youngsters and his gesture will definitely bring a smile to your face.