Python Eating a Rat Is Suddenly Attacked by an Intruder- Dramatic Snake Fight With a Surprising End Will Blow Your Mind! (Watch Viral Video)
Brown snake and Python fighting (Photo Credits: Facebook/ Andrew's SNAKE Removal)

Nature can sometimes give you amazing sightings of how it works. One of the most recent video evidence of one such sight comes from Mulgowlie in Queensland's Lockyer Valley Region is of a python gorging a rat who was suddenly was pounced on and attacked by a larger brown snake. This reptile battle video is one of the most shocking animal videos you'll watch. You can see in the video that the Brown snake pounced onto rats nest when it finds that the python had already caught one of the rats and then the python then wrapped itself around the brown snake's head for half an hour. The bigger snake kills the other, however, before that the two reptiles put up a great fight.

The video was posted on Facebook by Ipswich Snakecatcher Andrew Smedley and called the moment a 'crazy turn of events'. Smedly further wrote: "Jessica (who took the videos) walked into the shed and knew there must have been a snake as the willy wagtails were making a lot of noise." Rats Pretending to Be Snake to Avoid Predators? Here's The Truth About The Viral Video.

He also busted a couple of myths related to snakes as well, he said  "yes venomous snakes can & do climb,this brown had climbed 5m up to raid the rats nest,secondly I often hear that having pythons around will decrease the chances of having venomous snakes around, personally I find that there is no evidence to back that up, when you have hay sheds,barns horse stables etc then your going to get rodents & plenty of them, in return your going to get equal both brown snakes & pythons with plenty of rodents to feed on between them."

Take a look at the video:

Summing up the video, the snake catcher wrote: "The rat, the little python was eating is now dead and the python who was enjoying the rat for lunch is now in the stomach of the brown snake."