Amid this coronavirus induced lockdown in the nation, we have seen numerous instances of the healing of nature. The lower air pollution, animals roaming on the streets, clear river waters all prompted people to say nature is healing. Another spectacle of nature's beautiful bloom was seen in Mysore recently when a home saw the bloom of over 100s of Brahma Kamal flowers. For those who do not know, this plant is rare called as Queen of the Night. It blooms just once a year. The flowers are white star-shaped which bloom only post-sunset and a full bloom take a couple of hours. Since the blooming is so rare, seeing over a hundred of them together is indeed spectacular. This is a cactus variety of the same plant, the real ones are found in the high altitude regions. Video of Terminalia Tomentosa Tree Oozing Water From It's Bark Shared Online, Netizens Have Mixed Reactions About Damaging The Tree; Here's What You Should Know.

Sighting a blooming of this flower is considered auspicious since it is the "Lotus of Lord Brahma." The flowers bloom after 7 PM and are in full bloom all night. Some of them are about 8 inches in diameter. These flowers have a strong smell and they bloom only once a year, between the months of July and August during the mid-monsoons. With over a hundred of these flowers caught blooming together, it was a beautiful sight. The video was shared on Twitter and it is no surprise that it is going viral. Pink Water Lilies Bloom in 100-Acre Field in Kerala' Kottayam District; Breathtaking Sight Attracts Tourists at Ambattu Kadavu And Malarikkal Village (See Pictures).

Watch The Video Here:

As you can see, people from the neighbourhood have gathered to watch this rare phenomenon. The video has garnered 30,000 views and more than 660 retweets. If it's making you curious, we tell you how you can grow this plant at home.

How to Grow Brahma Kamal At Home?

This plant usually grows from cutting of a leaf. So if you know someone who already has this plant you will have to get a part of the cutting to sow your own. Cutting of the leaf has to be inserted in wet and fertile soil. Keep it at a spot where there is no direct and harmful sunlight. Do not water it too much, it requires minimum water quantity because it is the cactus variety. So you can water it once in two or three days. Plant it during the winters and once it grows well, it will bloom during the rainy season.


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