Robo Kitchen: Robot Waiters Serve Food to Guests at This Restaurant in Hyderabad (Watch Video)
Robot Waiters (Photo Credits: ANI Twitter)

Robot waiters are increasingly becoming popular across restaurants in the world. In India, especially in the South, a number of hotels with robot waiters have sprung open in the recent past. And the latest one to have robots waiters is a first of its kind restaurant in Hyderabad. Named Robo Kitchen, the place is increasingly becoming popular in the city. The machines have been named 'Beauty Serving Robot' and bring food to the tables.

Videos show the robots moving with such ease inside the restaurant carrying trays of food. The place currently has four robots which need to be charged three hours a day. Five youngsters have come together in the city to start this restaurant. The robots bring the food to the table from where customers can pick it up. The machines are quite cautious and immediately come to a halt if a person comes in between their way, letting them pass. Each of the robots cost Rs 7 lakh. Chennai: Porur Gets Its First Eatery Where 'Robot Waiters' Welcome Customers.

Manikanth, main partner, Robo Kitchen told ANI, "We provide a tab to customers when they walk in, they order from the menu on it. The order goes to the kitchen and robots serve food. Although it's there in Chennai we wanted to bring it to Hyderabad. We have received a good response from customers." Are Robots And AI Becoming Integral Part of Human Life? 6 Instances we Approved Their Existence.

Watch the video below:

The first restaurant with robot waiters named 'Robot' opened in Chennai in 2017. However, reportedly the novelty factor has now worn off and the restaurant is reporting low sales. However, recently a Japanese hotel which had made headlines for hiring hundreds of robots in 2015 fired them. Henn na Hotel removed 243 robots for poor performance and creating more trouble than solving problems. From waking up guests who were sleeping to not being able to function during monsoon, a number of complaints were levied on them. A robot restaurant in Chennai that serves Indo-Asian cuisine has robots that can speak in Tamil and English.