Social Distancing Fail? Photo of COVIDIOTS 'Keeping Their Bags in Line And Chatting Together' Goes Viral
Social distancing gone wrong (Photo Credits: PrakashWKamat Twitter)

In a bid to curb spreading of the coronavirus, the lockdown has been declared in India. Unless for an emergency, citizens are expected to stay at their homes. And those stepping are supposed to maintain social distancing, wear masks and avoid touching items of public use. However, people do not seem to be understanding the gravity of the situation. As a part of social distancing, circles are drawn outside shops at equal distance indicating where people are supposed to stand. But a photo of COVIDIOTS going viral on social media platforms shows people standing in groups and chatting after keeping their bags in the circles where they are ideally supposed to stand. Some of the women sitting on the steps near the shop can be seen covering their faces with clothes while sitting close to each other. The photo is going viral with people ridiculing the 'Indian' understanding of social-distancing. One of the tweets read, Social distancing of Indian kind: Social distancing. Keeping their bags in line&chatting together. Social distancing of shopping bags. This is our country.. only God can save us." 'Covidiot', Urban Dictionary Introduces New Word For Those Ignoring Social Distancing Protocol and Hoarding Goods Amid Coronavirus Outbreak.

Social distancing is important during this crisis situation to keep the virus at bay. Earlier this week, video of people maintaining social distancing outside liquor shops in Kerala had gone viral. They were appreciated for following community guidelines and adhering to it. Mamata Banerjee, With Chalk in Hand, Explains Social Distancing at Kolkata Market; Watch Video.

Photo of People Keeping Their Bags in Line And Chatting Together:

The urban dictionary, has coined a new word for those people who are creating panic and not following community guidelines during the crisis situation. They are being referred to as Covidiots. The term social distancing means maintaining a distance from other people. During a pandemic or spread of a contagious disease, health experts advise people to maintain distancing. The idea is to reduce the number of cases due to social contacts. Citizens are expected to adhere to these guidelines and help the health department and government in containing the disease.

[Although the time stamp on the photo says that it is a recent picture (March 26, 2020), we don't claim the authenticity of the posts.]